Present:           P Nuttall (Chairperson & Councillor)                        Sue Welch (Councillor)

G Haythornthwaite (Councillor & Honorary Clerk)  S Elliott (Councillor)

  1. 1.Election of the Chairperson

Philip Nuttall was proposed by Sue Welch and seconded by Sean Elliott – and duly elected for 12 months. Declaration of acceptance of office will be emailed and signed after the meeting.

  1. 2.Election of Vice Chairperson

It was agreed not to elect to this office until a new parish councillor is appointed.

  1. 3.Election of Honorary Parish Clerk

Gillian Haythornthwaite was proposed by Sean Elliott and seconded by Philip Nuttall – and duly elected for 12 months. Declaration of acceptance of office will be emailed and signed after the meeting

  1. 4.Declaration of Interest from Members

All members will complete and sign the Register of Parish Members’ Financial and other Interests Form. These will be emailed after the meeting.

  1. 5.Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes for the last Parish Council Meeting on 12th March 2020 were agreed and signed by the Clerk as a true record of this meeting.

  1. 6.Review the Financial Statement for 2019/2020

The Financial Statement for the year ended 31st March 2018 was reviewed:

                  Opening Balance                                            £ 4,449.65

                  Precept                                                           £ 1,500.00

                  Bank Interest                                                  £  0.00

                  Less Expenses                                               £ 677.15

                  Closing Balance                                             £ 5,272.50


Financial Statement approved by the Council

  1. 7.Appointment of the Internal Auditor

Pat Ward was appointed as the Internal Auditor for the next financial year

  1. 8.Council Asset Register

The following items are on the Council’s Asset Register:

Wooden Noticeboard

Village Sign

Metal Bench

2 x Wooden Benches  


1 x wooden bench has been removed as there is no longer one on Woodcroft Road

  1. 9.Review the Ways of Working and the Planning Process

It was agreed that meeting will continue to be virtual in the current situation and a review of ways of working may be required when we come out of this crisis.

  1. 10.Meeting Dates



Parish Council Meeting                                                    176h January    

Parish Council Meeting                                                    12th March

Year End                                                                           31st March

Notice of date for the Exercise of Electors’ Rights          April  

Annual Parish Council & Village Meetings                     14th May

Annual Return                                                                  June

Parish Council Meeting                                                    9th July

Parish Council Meeting                                                    10th September

Parish Council Meeting                                                    12th November



Parish Council Meeting                                                    14th January                            

Parish Council Meeting                                                    11th March                              

Year End                                                                           31st March                                           

Annual Parish Council & Village Meetings                     13th May

Annual Return                                                                  June

Parish Council Meeting                                                    8th July

Parish Council Meeting                                                    9th September

Parish Council Meeting                                                    11th November

  1. 11.Matters Arising

Outstanding action from last meeting:

  • ·Repair of the village sign – the repair is just about completed and it will be ready to be painted shortly. Linda Guy to be informed – Gillian Haythornthwaite
  • ·100thAnniversary of the dedication of the war memorial – have been re-scheduled for 22nd May 2021
  • ·There were a number of outstanding items with Peterborough City Council which will need to be chased up after we come out of lockdown – Gillian Haythornthwaite
  • ·Five bar gate / kissing / fencing on Woodcroft Road – this has all been agreed now and work will be scheduled to start shortly
  • ·Planning application
    • o4 Woodcroft Road – Council reviewed the application and are supportive
    • oRectory House, Castor Road – application to cut down a Fir tree in the back garden – Council was supportive
  • ·John Claire Project – virtual meeting on 18thMay – Sue Welch
  • ·Werrington Grade Separation Project – serious drone noise that is impacting on the village. Raise with Rob Norman – Gillian Haythornthwaite
  • ·Costing for replacing one of the wooden benches to be circulated – Sean Elliott
  • ·Village Gateways need to be washed and assessed to see if they need repainting – Sue Welch / Philip Nuttall / Gillian Haythornthwaite

Date of the next meeting is Thursday 2nd July 2020 at 7pm and will be a virtual meeting

If any Marholm Resident has something they would like to raise with the Parish Council, please Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.