T Hawkins (Chairperson & Councillor)                 P Nuttall (Vice Chairperson & Councillor)          

G Haythornthwaite (Councillor & Honorary Clerk)        


Sue Welch (Councillor)


1. Parish Councillor Resignation

It is with regret that the Parish Council received and accepted the resignation of Peter Hill. Peter has been a Parish Councillor for 44 years, joining in 1973. Peter has reached out to lots of people in the village and he will be missed. The Parish Council wants to pass on a big thank you to him for all his work and support over the years.

An email will be sent around the village to ask for volunteers to stand for election as a Parish Councillor.

 2. Minutes of the last meetings

The minutes for the last Parish Council Meeting on 15th September 2016 were agreed and signed as a true record of this meeting.

 3. Matters arising from the last minutes

Castor Development:

  • At the Parish Conference, John Holdich confirmed that the PCC has agreed to include the Castor Development in the Local Plan. They agreed a reduction from 7000 to 2500 houses.
  • There is a Steering Group meeting in Castor at the local school on 22nd November 2017 at 7.30pm. It is open to the public if anyone from Marholm wants to attend.
  • Residents need to register on the Peterborough City Council Consultation Portal to have their say on the Local Plan. Another email to be sent to the village distribution list with the link to register:
  • The Local Plan is out for consultation from 1st December 2016 through to end of January 2017. Any resident that wants to comment on the Local Plan must register on the consultation portal in order to do this.

Litter Picking / Fly-tipping

  • Litter picking - the next date will be 18th March 2017 at 10am at the village hall – all are welcome. An email will be circulated round the village distribution list – Gillian Haythornthwaite
  • Fly-tipping – everyone needs to keep reporting things via the PCC app

4. MPC Finances

  • The Financial Statement up to 30th October 2016 of the financial the year ended 31st March 2017 was reviewed:

  Balance brought forward                £3,980.40

            Precept                                               £ 0.00

            Transparency Fund                           £ 0.00

            Bank Interest                                     £ 0.00

            Receipts Total                                    £ 0.00

            Expenditure                                       £ 42.80

  Balance carried forward                 £3,937.60                   

Represented by Bank Statement:

            Lloyds Treasurers Account             £3,9837.60


Budget 2017/2018:

CPALC Fee                                                                                £100.00

Village Hall (8 standard and 2 exceptional meetings)      £100.00

Insurance                                                                                 £175.00

Remembrance Day Wreath 2015                                        £18.50

Defibrillator Running Costs                                                  £50.00

Website Running Costs                                                         £100.00

Village Improvements                                                           £600.00

Training                                                                                    £250.00

Grand Total                                                                             £1,393.50

The budget was agreed and this will be used for the calculation of the precept

Insurance cost has increased due to an increase in the pension levy tax. A cheque was signed for £163.43

5. Planning Applications

  • 11 Walton Road – the outline planning application has been approved by the PCC
  • 17 Walton Road – a request was raised to ensure that the fence is erected when the house is finished. This is part of the planning approval so it is expected that this will happen.

6. Village Projects

  • Village Gateways – feedback has been good especially after painting them white. We will now look at what is feasible on the Castor Road entrance to the village – Gillian Haythornthwaite
  • A resident raised the cost of the gateways. The cost included all materials and labour. The Parish Council also wanted to use a local person. The view is that it was the right decision to take.

7. Parish Conference

Gillian Haythornthwaite attended to represent Marholm.

 Key points:

  • A Rural Liaison Officer is being appointed by the PCC to help ensure that rural areas have an effective voice
  • The Rural Scrutiny Committee is being replaced by a rural representative on each of the Scrutiny Committees that decide on PCC policies. This will ensure that the rural voice is heard as part of the decision making process and not afterwards.
  • Parish Liaison & Working Groups will have more responsibility to ensure that the rural voice is heard
  • Devolution – Seven councils combining into one, PCC voting on whether to go forward on this on 17th November 2016. If they do there could be a significant increase in funding which would be good for the local area.
  • Digital initiative:
    • Data storage – looking at giving Parish Councils access to their data in the cloud. This will increase security and access for all Parish Councillors
    • Email addresses – looking at setting up Parish Councillors with “” email addresses rather than using personal ones

 8. Parish Clerk Training

 Gillian Haythornthwaite attended a training session in Castor on 22nd September 2016. It was encouraging that the way we are operating is in line with the training.

9. Dates for 2017/18

Dates for 2017/18 were circulated and agreed.

10. AOB

  • Move the flagpole – it was agreed that the issue is that the trees outside the village hall have grown so much that they are obscuring the flagpole. They have recently been topped and are now misshapen. It was agreed to raise with the Village Hall Committee and see if the trees can be pruned into a better shape and reveal the flag pole – Tim Hawkins
  • Daffodil planting – taking place on 20th November 2016 at 10.30am. All volunteers welcome.

Date of the next Parish Council Meeting is Thursday 12th January 2017 at 7pm in the Village Hall.


If any Marholm Resident has something they would like to raise with the Parish Council, please Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.